When we are talking about skin care than 2 most important things are persistence and timing. A new York dermatologist Dendy Engleman says “I always say that at 20 years old you’re got the skin you was born with, but at 50 you get the skin you deserve”. Simply a little care helps you a lot to have a healthy and growing skin. There are some basic things you must do with your skin. But the need of the hour is something more clearing and moisturizing are very basic things. if you really want to preserve your healthy and glowing skin then you must follow these simple tips. Because a little effort at the early stage will protect you from later worries.

Choose a skin type specific face wash

Proper cleaning is the most important step of skin care. A little ignorance regarding this matter can make your skin worse. Try to choose face wash according to your skin type e.g. if your skin is dry, then you should go for creamy/milky face wash. If your skin is allergic to fragrances then make sure your face wash does not contain these ingredients. But if your skin is oily, then try to use face wash containing salicylic acid or glycolic acid. This will help you to keep bacteria and oil away. But if you have a normal skin then you can go for any type of face wash. Try to use it in a circular motion and let it be in your skin for at least one minute for proper working.

Add Antioxidants

Engelman says about antioxidants “They are the superheroes of skin care that fight free radicals, prevent collagen breakdown, and repair sun damage tries to use a lightweight booster before moisturizer”. It can be used for any type of skin e.g. Elizabeth Arden superstar skin renewal booster. Engleman says about it “it has flaxseed and sea fennel extracts to help strengthen the stratum corneum.”. The outermost layer of skin and enhance the skin’s natural ability to protect itself. There are other antioxidants e.g. pomegranate, green tea.

Apply sunscreen every single day

Sunscreen forms an invisible layer that prevents harmful particles and pollution penetrating into skin. It also protects skin from UVA and UUB. To just apply once is not enough. You need to apply it again after few hours. Sunscreen is usually in the form of a cream, so it is very easy to apply.

If you’re in your 30’s

Now you need to move on towards ani-aging creams. Because wrinkles and lines start appearing on your skin. You should follow this advice to protect your skin.

Swap your cleanser for toner

Try to use toner but with balanced PH. Our skin gets drier with age. Too much washing is not sufficient. There is no need to use a cleanser in the morning because you are not exposed to dust or pollution while sleeping. But try to use a toner in the morning. The method of application is very simple to pour a few drops of toner on your palms, rub them and gently press on your face. Use your serum while your skin is dry Because this will lock your moisture and does not let your skin dry.

Use anti-aging cream

Anti-aging creams help us a lot to remove wrinkles and lines from our skins. As you move on towards 40 your skin gets dull and wrinkled so this stage. your skin needs some special treatment and special care. So you should give proper time to your skin. Try to use anti-aging creams as well as apply massage.

If you are in your 40’s

At 40 your skin becomes duller and melanin gets deposited in your skin. It causes the skin to get darker. So you need to take a lot of your skin otherwise, you are going to suffer rest of your life. you can follow these tips for a good skin.

Eat fresh vegetables and fruits

Fresh vegetables and fruits contain minerals and fresh juices. These juices keep you as well as your skin healthy. So try to take a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables. Because intake of juices increases your blood flow to your skin.

Take a good sleep

Try to take a good sleep of eight hours. Don’t over thing about anything. Good sleep will help you to avoid dark circles beneath your eyes. When you get up after a good sleep you feel fresh and you are more motivated for next day work.

Try to be happy

Try to be happy and satisfied at this age of your life. Because over stress can cause several problems to your skin. Try to a spend good time with your good friends. Spend time with your family. Visit them on and off. This will make you feel happy and provide you inner satisfaction. It keeps your blood pressure at normal level and blood flows to your skin. It keeps Skin cells oxygenated and alive.