Most people think that breakfast location Wisata di Blitar is the most important part of the day.break-fast-food So it must be very healthy and proper. While some others think that they can do better without breakfast. Everyone has their own opinion. But the important thing is a healthy breakfast. Even an unhealthy breakfast can be worse than not eating at all.

So everyone should be aware of a healthy breakfast. A healthy breakfast should contain fiber, protein, and fat. Because these ingredients give us energy and keep us fit all day long. Here are some breakfast menus that most people consume without knowing whether the food is good or not.

If your breakfast is not healthy then it’s not because the lack of energy but can also cause chronic diseases. So you must be aware of healthy and unhealthy foods.

1. Cereals in breakfast

Mostly people eat cereals as breakfast just because they consider it a healthy breakfast but reality is opposite. Actually, these cereals do not contain fibers and proteins at all. Infect these are made by refined grains, which are the basic need of our body.

The sugar in cereals boost up our sugar level at once then drops it, and we feel low energy. Mostly the ingredients list of cereals claims to have fiber and vitamin A while this not true. These cereals contain special ingredients, added by a process called fortification. These fortified cereals cause sickness in children’s, who used them just like those who didn’t. This artificial addition of ingredients does not make them a healthy food even the high sugar level may cause diabetes, heart diseases, and obesity.

2. Toast with margarine

Toast topped with margarine, people often consider it is healthy breakfast as it does not contain sugar or saturated fats. But actually, it is not because of two reasons.

Firstly, the flour is too much refined that most of its ingredients are lost e.g. it does not contain fibers. It increases your blood sugar level at a faster rate which increases your hunger and you eat more next time, it may cause obesity.

Second reason to avoid margarine is the presence of Trans fats. Some manufacturers add hydrogen into vegetable oils to make it saturated these are trans-fat. These are very unhealthy as it can increase your sugar level and increases the risk of diabetes and heart diseases. Some margarine may claim to be fat-free but actually, these contain Trans fats.

3. Pancakes and waffles

People prefer to have pancakes and waffles, but these also have their own side effects. These contain flour used is highly refined and sugar increases your blood sugar level making you resistant to insulin.

In addition to sugar and flour, these also contain pancake syrup. This syrup is rich in fructose, which boosts up the sugar level and causes insulin resistance.

Maple syrup is a better choice than pancake syrup since it contains less fructose better but still is not very beneficial to use that.

Most people consume much sugar than recommended sugar level. So overall conclusion is pancakes and diabetes and other diseases.

4. Muffins

Muffins are made from egg, vegetable oil, and sugar. The only healthy ingredient muffinsis egg because of its protein. So people who consider muffin as healthy food are wrong. Because oil and sugar can cause diabetes and obesity.

Muffin contains enough calories, much greater than required by our body. So this increased protein is not beneficial for us.

Most manufacturers add some extra chocolate chips, dry fruits, and syrup to muffins. This increases the amount of sugar so risk of many diseases.

5. Fruit juices

Fruit juices contain as much sugar as sweetened beverages if you are tryingfruits-juices to lose weight, then fruit juices are the worst choice. In addition, these also cause chronic diseases.

Fruit juices contain a large amount of sugar. This sugar spikes your hunger instead of decreasing. Packed fruit juices which are available in the market, contain very fewer fruit juices and are made sweet by adding sugar. So try to avoid these juices as these can cause diabetes, obesity, and diseases. If someone want to drink fruit juices in the morning then fresh juices must be preferred.

6. Toaster pastries

Toaster pastries as breakfast is an unhealthy choice as their ingredients are refined flour, brown sugar, corn syrup. Although it’s easy and quick breakfast. Yet it should be avoided.

Some companies blamed that these are baked with real fruit. Well, it’s just an effort to compel you to buy that. These pastries can only provide a little amount of protein and do not contain fiber at all. But these are rich in sugar and carbohydrates.

This sugar and carbs spike up your sugar level then drop it and compel you to consume more at lunch. Even a research shows breakfast are less hungry on lunch than those who eat carbs. The hunger level in pastries can cause type 2 diabetes and obesity.

7. Scones with jam and cream

Scones are made from refined flour, sugar, butter and added flavors. Then these are baked after giving some shapes. Then these scones are topped with jam or cream. It’s just like a desert.

These scones contain very less amount of fibers and protein but rich in carbs and sugar. The food less in protein and fibers makes you feel more hunger after some time. Fiber is advantageous because of many reasons as it maintains blood sugar level and helps in digestion. It also decreases your hunger by making you satisfied after eating a little.

If you do not take fibrous food in breakfast that you eat more at lunch. This high sugar and carb level can cause serious hunger as well as many other diseases e.g. diabetes, heart diseases and obesity.

8. Sweetened nonfat yogurt

People often prefer to take yogurt in their breakfast but fat is removed from that and sugar is added. In this way, we change a healthy food into occasioned treat.

Fat is very helpful to control hunger over a long period of time, as it takes a long time to get digested in the stomach. But we remove fat from yogurt and make it rich in sugar and carbs. The intake of fat also stimulated the fullness of fat also stimulates the fullness hormone cholecystokinin. This addition of sugar makes it sweeter than an ice cream cup.

9. Granola bars

Granola bars sounds to be the best breakfast choice but actually these are not. Although unprocessed oats a lot of amount of sugar these are low in proteins. Even some brands add corn syrup, honey and dried fruits which add up to their sugar content. This high sugar level causes insulin resistance. This can cause diabetes, obesity.

So overall granola bars are not a healthy breakfast item because of their low protein and fiber portion and high sugar content.

10. Processes gluten free breakfast foods

Gluten-free diets are very common nowadays and commonly affordable.These gluten free products can cause harm even serious diseases.

These contain processed flour which lacks protein and fibers which cause fullness. They are rich in sugar because of a special component glycerin index. It causes a rapid increase in sugar level and then sudden fall, which increase hunger. So these causes weight gain, diabetes. These are not good at all. These are just like muffins and cakes.

Take home message

Breakfast is most important part your body. It can make you ready for a full day hard work and keeps you alert.

Try to take a healthy breakfast rich in protein, fibers, and healthy fast. Because this will help you to maintain your blood sugar level, control your weight and hunger.

On the other hand if your breakfast in not healthy e.g. that is rich in carbs and sugar processed flour, then it will make you sluggish and compel you to eat more and earlier. Thus it causes increased sugar level and obesity.